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Jan 23, 2019  05:01 AM | neuronerd
DTI for long tracks
Hi there, 

I'm trying to visualize a patient's DTI images on TrackVis to help with preoperative planning. I seem to only be able to see short tracks (mean length 12mm). Even when I create a large ROI and place it in the corticospinal track, I can't see long tracks which I know should be there. Is there some mode parameter in TrackVis I should be changing? Can't seem to find a solution. 

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you
Feb 21, 2019  06:02 AM | Rachel Steiner - University of Wisconsin - Madison
RE: DTI for long tracks
What are the parameters you are using in trackVis - have you set a length threshold or angle threshold value that is too strict?

what is the voxel size or spacing of the image you are tracking with?
Please feel free to send a screenshot. That would be helpful for quickly seeing what’s going on