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Jan 24, 2019  09:01 AM | Yang Yu - Allen Institute for Brain Science
Stitching 3D images
Hi Pankti,

Thanks for your interest in our stitching methods. Please find the paper and source codes in the following links:

Source Code:

In general, our approach is an efficient super set of FFT-based 3D image stitching approach. By tuning parameters, you can get the normal FFT-based stitching. Please let us know if you still have any questions.



How are you ? Hope You are doing fine!

Hi i am Pankti Patel. Currently pursuing master in electrical and Computer Engineering in Rowan University Glassboro NJ. My research interest in 3D image stitching. I read your paper
"AUTOMATED HIGH SPEED STITCHING OF LARGE 3D MICROSCOPIC IMAGES " and wanted to try on point cloud of bust which we have in our lab of the university.
There is a link mentioned in the paper but i was not able to find any source code or stitching plugin.
Can you help me with the source code or tutorial of the method the paper has implemented.
Have a good day.
Thank You
Pankti Patel
Research Fellow
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rowan University(NJ)
Feb 14, 2019  10:02 AM | Pankti Patel
RE: Stitching 3D images

I just wanted to ask you that is there any particular version required for the FFTW library?