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Jan 28, 2019  09:01 AM | leemccarthyn
Hypothalamus in NMI space
Hi neuroimage experts

I need to use a ROI of the hypothalamus in my analysis, but, i don't find a Atlas in NMI space with this subcortical structure. Any suggestions?
Jan 29, 2019  06:01 AM | Daniel Martins
RE: Hypothalamus in NMI space
Hi there

I normally use the one from this high-resolution atlas of subcortical nuclei.

Jan 29, 2019  06:01 AM | guillaume auzias
RE: Hypothalamus in NMI space

we did it manually on the high resolution (0.5mm3) images from Colin 27 (, which are in the MNI space.
See the following paper for more details:

Please contact the corresponding author using the email given in the paper, we are open for sharing.
Jan 29, 2019  09:01 AM | Jun Yi Wang
RE: Hypothalamus in NMIspace
I used the coronal slice anterior to the temporal stem for tracking the uncinate fasciculus. See the following paper supplement for details:


Jun Yi Wang