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Jan 29, 2019  07:01 AM | neuronerd
Uncinate Fasciculus on DTI
Hi there,

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to map the uncinate fasciculus on DTI (single subject). I preprocessed our DTI images on FSL and am trying to use TrackVis to see the tracks. Although I can see the corpus callosum and corticospinal tracts nicely, I cannot seems to see the uncinate fasciculus despite using variously sized and positioned ROIs.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Jan 30, 2019  06:01 AM | Viktor Peskov
RE: Uncinate Fasciculus on DTI
If you look at the anatomy of this tract, you can see a strong bend of the tract and a high probability of crossing. To visualize this path, it is preferable to use probabilistic tractography algorithms such as HARDI-CSD.
Jan 30, 2019  03:01 PM | Katherine Bryant - Radboud University
RE: Uncinate Fasciculus on DTI

Have you tried looking at Catani and Thiebaut de Schotten's protocol that they used for their white matter atlas (including uncinate):

At the end of the article they show the masks that they used (on FA images) to run the tractography. 

Jan 31, 2019  06:01 AM | neuronerd
RE: Uncinate Fasciculus on DTI
Thanks Katherine! That's extremely helpful
Jan 31, 2019  09:01 AM | Lauren O'Donnell
RE: Uncinate Fasciculus on DTI
Originally posted by neuronerd:
Thanks Katherine! That's extremely helpful

Hi if you have a large dataset and prefer to extract the uncinate from the tractography automatically, you can extract the uncinate using our atlas and accompanying whitematteranalysis software:

If you are using Slicer (it seems this is one tool you are using based on another post) there is a tutorial about using regions of interest to extract tracts here:

And the Slicer community answers questions here:

Hope this helps!