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May 22, 2015  06:05 AM | Francois Budin
RE: itkEMS no longer supported
Hello Andi,

Thank you for using Autoseg. I am guessing you successfully built it from the source code that you found on github. Autoseg is a software that creates a pipeline to run other tools. Therefore it needs the other tools to run correctly. Unfortunately, I don't think there is currently a list for the users that specifies which tools are needed and where to find them. Most tools can be built are part of the AutoSeg build. You just have to select "ON" when you configure your project with cmake for each of them. I am currently in the process of verifying that all the necessary tools are actually compilable from AutoSeg's project, and I will try to improve a little bit the install process such that all the tools can be installed in one final install directoty. I will keep you posted when this is done.


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RE: itkEMS no longer supported
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