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May 8, 2016  09:05 PM | Ariel Rokem
B-vectors missing components
Thank you for making these data available!

I might be missing something, but it looks like some of the b vectors are missing components. For example, the file: pp01_dwi_run01_A/bvecs, contains 136 elements in the first and second line, but only 135 elements in the last line. It's also not entirely clear to me how the 136 elements correspond to the 34 volumes in (for example) pp01_dwi_run01_A/pp01_dwi_run01_A.nii.gz. Similarly, there are 136 b values in pp01_dwi_run01_A/bvals. How do these correspond to the volumes in the nifti file? 

Thanks for clarifying! 

Ariel Rokem

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B-vectors missing components
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