help > Outpug flag issue using dcm2niix -b
Jan 27, 2017  02:01 PM
Jenny Gurney
Washington University
Outpug flag issue using dcm2niix -b
Hi there,

I'm currently using dcm2niix, version:  Chris Rorden's dcm2niiX version 25Nov2016 (64-bit Linux)

I have noticed a small things that I thought I would report:

If I'm using the BIDS flag -b y, then the -o flag to save output to another directory doesn't seem to work.  NIFTI and JSON are always saved to the input folder.

Workaround is:  if I set isBIDS=1 in the .dcm2nii.ini, then I can use dcm2niix with -o to get the output folder.

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Outpug flag issue using dcm2niix -b
Jenny GurneyJan 27, 2017
Chris RordenMay 27, 2017