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May 19, 2017  07:05 AM
Structural segmentation and normalization

I am trying to preprocess my data and it keeps failing at the same structural segmentation and normalization phase saying that a .nii file doesn't exist, but it does exist as .img/.hdr files, and I can pull them up individually with conn and see that they are present and correct data. It seems that it is struggling to pass the necessary files from one preprocessing stage to the next. all of my files are in the analyze format and I am able to get through all of the functional stages. Only this stage has been resulting in an error. Here is the exact error:

SPM12: spm_imcalc (v6124) 02:50:15 - 19/05/2017
Failed 'Image Calculator'
Error using spm_vol>spm_vol_hdr (line 80)
File "D:\Resting State Data\wcs2016-02-23_16-28-163652-00001-00001-1.nii" does not exist.
In file "C:\Users\msk68\Documents\MATLAB\spm12\spm12\spm_vol.m" (v5958), function "spm_vol_hdr" at line 80.
In file "C:\Users\msk68\Documents\MATLAB\spm12\spm12\spm_vol.m" (v5958), function "spm_vol" at line 61.
In file "C:\Users\msk68\Documents\MATLAB\spm12\spm12\spm_imcalc.m" (v6124), function "spm_imcalc" at line 99.
In file "C:\Users\msk68\Documents\MATLAB\spm12\spm12\config\spm_cfg_imcalc.m" (v6536), function "my_spm_imcalc" at line 225.

Can anyone offer some tips?
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