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Jul 10, 2017  02:07 AM | Thomas Ernst - University Clinic Essen
cannot change memory with run-cbstools-mac
Hi guys,

Using MIPAV on Mac (10.12.5) I use the script run-cbstools-mac to start up MIPAV with the CBStoolbox included.

I ran into the problem that I cannot change MIPAV memory settings for use with this script. Changing the setting will change the mipav.preferences file in the mipav/plugins directory. However, the preferences will just be ignored on startup with the run-cbstools-mac script. Editing the mipav.command.lax file in the /applications/mipav directory will not have an effect either. Staring Mipav without the script will give me the memory settings I want. However it won't give me acces to the cbs toolbox.

Has anybody got any thoughts on why  this might happen. The mipav/plugins path (where the mipav.preferences file is located) is added to the classpaths by the script(see below). Thank you!

My run-cbstools-mac script in detail:

# location of the JAVA command to use
# location of additional JAVA libraries to use
# location of the MIPAV installation to use
# location of the plugin installation to use
# mipav command
$JAVA -classpath $JAVALIB/*:$MIPAV:$MIPAV/lib/*:$PLUGINS:$/library/* -server MipavMain $@

I still have not found why the preferences are not used or how to enforce the use of the preferences, but at least I found an option to explicitly define the memory to be used (an example below with 12 GB memory)

$JAVA -classpath $JAVALIB/*:$MIPAV:$MIPAV/lib/*:$PLUGINS:$/library/* -server -Xms12g -Xmx12g MipavMain  $@

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cannot change memory with run-cbstools-mac
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