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Jul 11, 2017  01:07 PM | Pierre-Louis Bazin
RE: memory with run-cbstools-mac
You found pretty much the main trick, to specify the memory allocation in the file. As you can just set it to your computer's RAM, you don't need to edit it more than once (it will only request that memory amount if it needs it, not by default).

There's also an annoying Mac vs. Dos carriage return formatting issue in the run-cbstools-mac text file, which sometimes is making it fail, by the way (you need to make sure the file gets saved with Mac-only returns).

No idea why the JIST/CBS Tools libraries are not properly set up by the regular MIPAV installation on Mac: it works smoothly on Linux...

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Thomas Ernst Jul 10, 2017
RE: memory with run-cbstools-mac
Pierre-Louis Bazin Jul 11, 2017