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Jul 15, 2017  11:07 AM | Goldie McQuaid - Georgetown University
ROI-to-ROI analyses question

I have what is probably a rather basic question re. ROI-to-ROI analyses in Conn.

I have 2 sets of ROIs, each of the two sets related to a particular function. I have created these ROIs from MNI coordinates using Conn's ROI Tools (Thank you for this great new function!).

I am interested in examining FC strictly between these two sets of ROIs (ignoring any FC within the 2 sets). That is, if I have 5 ROIs in Set A and 5 ROIs in Set B, I just want to look at FC between the ROIs in Sets A and B, but ignore any A-to-A or B-to-B ROI FC. (I don't have any specific hypotheses about which particular ROIs in Set A might show between-group FC differences with particular ROIs in Set B, however.)

I have tried to do this by adjusting the contrasts in the second-level results window. However, I cannot get any contrast such that in Results Explorer I only see FC between the two sets of ROIs. It is quite possible that I am not setting the contrasts up correctly, though.

Any suggestions concerning what I should be doing differently would be greatly appreciated!!  

Thank you,
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ROI-to-ROI analyses question
Jul 15, 2017