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Jul 19, 2017  07:07 PM | Alfonso Nieto-Castanon - Boston University
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Dear Ekaterina,
NBS statistics are appropriate for F-contrasts as well. Both of the contrast specifications ([1 -1;-1 1] or [1 -1]) will work exactly in the same way (assuming that you are specifying "two-sided" effects for the T-contrast if you are using the latter)

Originally posted by Ekaterina Pechenkova:
Dear All,

a follow-up question re NBS: do I understand it correct that the NBS statistics are only appropriate for testing T-contrasts, but not F-contrasts?

I.e. if I have two groups and two conditions and want to look at the 2x2 interaction at the network level, can I test contrast [1 -1; -1 1] (subject effects) with [1 -1; -1 1] (condition effects), or should I rather specify a contrast like [1 -1] (subjects effects) [1 -1] (condition effects)?


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