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Sep 4, 2017  06:09 AM | Louise Johansen
Desikan-Killiany atlas on surface
Dear Mingrui,

I can not visualize the desikan-killiany atlas (from freesurfer) on the cortical surface without empty pathes. The resulting image is attached.

This is what I did:

1) converted the freesurfer/subjects/cvs_avg35_inMNI/mri/aparc+aseg.mgz file to .nii (using mri_convert with no special settings)

2) visualised the resulting nifti file on the ICBM152_smoothed surface with the followung settings:

- shading: flat
- opacity: 0.9
- map algorithm: Most Neighbor Voxel
- adjust for null: yes

I also tried to create a mesh using the matching ?h.pial surface files, but it seems as if the pial surfaces are in a different space, and the resulting surface mapping in even worse.

All the best,

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Desikan-Killiany atlas on surface
Sep 4, 2017