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Sep 5, 2017  11:09 AM | Donald McLaren
RE: Extracted Timecourse Problem
Hi Andrew,

Some very odd behavior in the scripts.

It should take in a numeric array without an issue, or at least get further than the error message its generating. What happens when you specify P.VOI, then run all(isnumeric(P.VOI))?

Do you get 1 or 0?

As for the mask, if you mask is a single voxel, then it should match FSL's timecourse -- are you using filtered_func.nii as the source in SPM and FSL?

If you send me your data, your mask, and the XYZ coordinate that you're trying to extract from, I can try and see what is going on with the program. I have some local tools for extracting data outside of the PPI toolbox and outside of the SPM.mat file.

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RE: Extracted Timecourse Problem
Sep 5, 2017