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Sep 12, 2017  08:09 AM | Michael Datko
CONN version error in Matlab
I have been using CONN for a while on an older Macbook running Matlab 2015a (version 8.5) with no major issues.  However, I just got a new macbook pro, installed a licensed version of Matlab, and CONN fails to get past the initialization stage.  I receive this error:

>> conn
Reference to non-existent field 'ver'.

Error in conn (line 8701)

The conn folder and subfolders have been added to my path, and I get this error with the same version of Matlab I was running on my previous laptop (2015a, version 8.5) as well as on a newer version (2017a, version 9.2).  

I am unsure how to proceed and start using CONN again, would appreciate any help.  

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CONN version error in Matlab
Sep 12, 2017