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Sep 13, 2017  03:09 AM | Thomas Chen
The procedure and ROI-to-ROI effect size
Dear experts
I am a novice in functional connectivity. I analysed resting-state functional connectivity in major depressive disorders(MDD). I tried to compare the increase and decrease of connectivity between the different experiments to proving if my therapy is effective against MDD. I am wondering if the step of the analysis is correct.
I collected the result from the area of the brain which is related to the MDD. For example, from the reviews, I know the default mode network(DMN) is associated with MDD. After getting the second-level results, I collected the connectivity of the medial prefrontal cortex(mPFC) in DMN and left paracingulate gyrus(PaCiG) from the second experiment and first experiment because of their high ROI-to-ROI effect size in the previous and latter experiment
1. Is the way correct?
2. I would like to know how I can confirm the ROI-to-ROI effect size have a significant difference in the different[/b]
Attached are the pictures and data of ROI-to-ROI effect size


Thanks in advance.
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The procedure and ROI-to-ROI effect size
Sep 13, 2017