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Nov 9, 2017  08:11 AM | Emily Stern
1st level v2v won't display-new info
Hi Alfonso,
I'm just following up on this issue. We (i.e., my grad student) discovered that when we click on the v2v tab in first level that a warning is shown on the command window in matlab:

Warning: 'popupmenu' control requires a scalar Value.
Control will not be rendered until all of its parameter values are valid

This does NOT show up if I click on v2v tab in conn16b but does for conn17 and above. It does NOT show up when I click on seed based tab on first level.
I cannot find where this warning is coming from. I tried several matlab commands related to dbstop if warning and turning backtrace on, and it won't tell me anything more. Could you perhaps investigate this and let me know where the warning is coming from so I can look at that area of code?

I would really like to be able to use conn for v2v analyses and alff/falff so it would be great if we could get this working
Thanks again!.

Emily Stern

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