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Nov 27, 2017  05:11 AM | Mathilde Kennis - VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam
Asymmetry in ROI-to-ROI results
Dear all,
I am performing a ROI-to-ROI analysis on resting-state data from children and adolescents in Conn (40 in total).
I am comparing connectivity in these two groups in 16 ROI's using the contrast [-1 1] (so ado>child).
When I select all ROIs for this contrast and go to the results explorer, it depicts all significant pairs.
I am not sure whether I understand the content of the depicted table in the results interface.
You see, I would expect that if the connection from seed A to seed B differs significantly between the two groups (say T(39)=3.23, p-FDR=0.0381), that the same holds for the connection from seed B to seed A.
This is not always the case in my table, however. Sometimes it says that connection C-D is significant, while connection D-C does not get depicted in the table, from which I conclude it was not found significant.
How to interpret/deal with this?
Thank you in advance for the advice!
Kind regards,

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Asymmetry in ROI-to-ROI results
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