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Dec 1, 2017  03:12 AM | Philipp Riedel
Failure to import large amount multiband data
Dear CONN users,

as far as I've read in this forum, the CONN toolbox works fine for multi-band data. I used a script to set up a CONN batch to then load in the GUI and continue further processing. The setup works well until functional data are imported. Those are multi-band accelerated EPI with a TR of 0.376 s for 2 sessions (10 min & 20 min) and 55 subjects. The GUI just doesn't start importing functional data, even after quite some time.

It might be an issue of processing power. However, I ran the setup on a more powerful machine as well and ran into the same issue. Previously, doing the same procedure for functional data with a TR of 2.41 s worked well, on both computers. Does anybody have experience with loading such large functional datasets in CONN? Is it rather a problem concerning CONN (or just the CONN GUI) or do I need a more well equipped computer?

Or is there a problem in the way I set up conditions for those two sessions (session 2 is split up into 2 conditions with condition 3 for ~ the first 10 min and condition 2 for ~ the second 10 minutes)?

for subj = 1:length(para.subjs)
batch.Setup.conditions.onsets{1}{subj}{1} = [0];
batch.Setup.conditions.durations{1}{subj}{1} = [inf];
batch.Setup.conditions.onsets{1}{subj}{2} = [];
batch.Setup.conditions.durations{1}{subj}{2} = [];

for subj = 1:length(para.subjs)
batch.Setup.conditions.onsets{2}{subj}{2} = [599.73];
batch.Setup.conditions.durations{2}{subj}{2} = [599.72];
batch.Setup.conditions.onsets{2}{subj}{1} = [];
batch.Setup.conditions.durations{2}{subj}{1} = [];

for subj = 1:length(para.subjs)
batch.Setup.conditions.onsets{3}{subj}{2} = [0];
batch.Setup.conditions.durations{3}{subj}{2} = [599.72];
batch.Setup.conditions.onsets{3}{subj}{1} = [];
batch.Setup.conditions.durations{3}{subj}{1} = [];

Thank you,

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Failure to import large amount multiband data
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