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Dec 7, 2017  02:12 AM | Pravesh Parekh - National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences
RE: Asymmetry in ROI-to-ROI results

Conn does a seed level FDR correction. For a given seed, the correction would depend on all the other seed-to-target correlations (actually Fisher transformed correlation coefficients) for that particular seed (from which you would get your T and p values). Therefore, A-B correlation may be significant when looking at seed A but not vice-versa when looking at seed B as the correction applied is different. Hope that clears it up!

Originally posted by Mathilde Kennis:
I was wondering if someone can help me with this, as I still haven't figured it out myself.
I hope I posed my question clearly!
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RE: Asymmetry in ROI-to-ROI results
Dec 7, 2017