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Dec 7, 2017  06:12 AM | Alfonso Nieto-Castanon - Boston University
RE: effect of TR on denoising
Dear Alice,

The safest way would be to:

1) re-run 'Setup' choosing the 'do not overwrite' option (this will skip almost all already-performed computations, but it will update any "effect of *" timeseries, which use condition onsets/durations as well as the canonical hrf shape, all of which in turn depend on the TR value)

2) re-run 'Denoising' choosing the 'overwrite' option (this will update the band-pass filtering, which will use basically a different frequency window with your new TR value, and it will also update the regression of any updated "effect of *" timeseries and the break-down into condition-specific measures, which may or may not have been changed by the new TR value depending on your design) 

Hope this helps
Originally posted by Alice Yo:
Dear Alfonso

I ran the setup and denoising steps (including writing of confound corrected nii files).
Now it turns out the TR should be 1.55 instead of 3.11.
I was debating if I should re-run all steps (setup, denoising)?
The setup does not include preprocessing, that was done in SPM and is not affected by the TR change (no slice timing correction).
I use a band pass filter of [0.008 0.1] in the denoising.

Thank you for your help!

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RE: effect of TR on denoising
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