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Feb 12, 2018  12:02 PM
Alfonso Nieto-Castanon
McGovern Institute for Brain Research. MIT
RE: Slice order information in conn
Dear Lucas&Stephen,

If you are using a somewhat recent version of CONN there is an undocumented log there that keeps track of all of the preprocessing steps run on your project. You can access that log using the syntax:

   Log = conn('get','SetupPreproc.log');     % all entries
   LogEntry = Log{end};                          % last entry only

Then simply look at the variable LogEntry which will contain the last preprocessing steps run on your data, the 3rd element in that cell array will be the list of preprocessing steps, and the 13th element (the one after the field 'sliceorder') will contain the sliceorder that you used there. 

Hope this helps
Originally posted by Stephen L.:
Dear Lucas,

Please don't apologize for asking questions on a forum, that's the purpose :-)

I don't think CONN stores the slice order information anywhere, because anyway the user should provide the information (otherwise CONN has no way to derive automatically the slice information in a reliable way, see the SPM wikibook on Slice Timing for more info). If you did not provide the slice order info during the preprocessing, then I guess CONN skipped the slice timing correction, which is usually fine if your TR <= 2 seconds.

Hope this helps,
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RE: Slice order information in conn
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