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Mar 7, 2018  10:03 AM | Tanweer Rashid
Implicit masking
Dear CONN users,

I am using CONN version 17f to do second level ROI-to-ROI connectivity analysis on fmri data using implicit masking. I did the first level analysis on SPM12, and then imported the SPM.mat files for each subject into CONN.

I had a couple of questions, as follows:

1) How can I get the implicit masks for individual subjects that CONN generates. I have found several niftiNORMS_Subject00X_Session00X.nii files in "project_folder\results\preprocessing". Are these the subject specific implicit masks?

2) Are subject specific implicit masks used in the second level ROI-to-ROI analysis, or does CONN compute a combined or 'group mask' for second level analysis?

Thank you,