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Mar 9, 2018  10:03 AM | Juha Pajula - VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd / Tampere University of Technology
RE: Error with memory mapping
Originally posted by Nobody:

I am trying to run the ISCtoolbox locally, and it keeps displaying this error message:
Cannot map file '.../fMRIfiltered/fMRIfilt2_band2_Session1_DWT.bin': Cannot allocate memory.

Any suggestions on what the cause could be?

Thank you! 

This sounds that you do not have enough space on the HDD where you are running the analysis.

How much the images you are analyzing require space on HDD (*.nii)?

Each band you define there requires same amount of space on hdd than the uncompressed images. The toolbox also allocates the result binary maps at the beginning of the analysis which requires also space.

To remove the temporary binaries at the end of the analysis you can select the removal from the tic boxes on the Startup GUI.

-Juha Pajula

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RE: Error with memory mapping
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