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Mar 13, 2018  01:03 AM | Alessandro Bria
RE: ParaConverter2

we intentionally decided not to make ParaConverter 2 publicly available.

That's why we ask to contact developers directly (you find emails here), which means one should include his/her affiliation and motivations on why he/she would like to have access to the tool. General purpose spam-like emails that do not contain such informations will be ignored.

Thanks for your interest.

Alessandro Bria

Originally posted by wu nudet:
ParaConverter works well when using Vaa3d.

but on the website it is said that:

"this version is no longer maintained. We have developed a new tool, named ParaConverter 2, that greatly outperforms ParaConverter. If you are interested, please contact the developers."

but I can't find any more words or links about it.

someone who can give me suggestions or just share a copy of ParaConverter 2

best wishes.


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