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Strong connections at high thresholds
Dear Andrew,

You have been very helpful in another topic I had started but I realised that I have wrongly processed my raw data, so I started frpm the beginning. My problem now is the opposite than the last time, I get really strong connections. To be specific, I have 2 groups of interest and 2 time points. I perform a Time x Group analysis using F-test, a=0.001, I test 22 nodes and even at a very high threshold (eg 10) I get really strong connections (eg 18 nodes, 38 edges as in the picture) with p-values equal to zero. I attach a picture of a graph for a specific rhythm tested (a rhythm) and a picture of the fields I fulfill and the results of the p-values. Do you think this is normal?

Additionally when I perform FDR (50000 permutations) I get for the a rhythm results quite similar to that of a threshold=10. Does this mean that everything is ok? I attach the graph for FDR,too.

Last but not least, in order to perform a main effect of time analysis do I need to perform a t-test or am I ok with the f-test?

Thank you,
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Strong connections at high thresholds
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