help > error during preprocessing in conn
May 15, 2018  02:05 AM | shefali chaudhary - All India Institute of Medical Sciences
error during preprocessing in conn
I am getting the below mentioned error message after each step of preprocessing in CONN.
{{Error using==> conn at 567
invalid filename, project NOT saved
Error in==> conn_setup_preproc at 1130
conn save;
Error in==> conn at 637
ok=conn_setup_preproc(", varargin{2:end});
Error in==> conn_menumanager at 119
feval(CONN_MM.MENU{n0}.callback{n1}{1}, CONN_MM.MENU{n0}, callback{n1}{2:end};
CONN v.15.d
SPM12+DEM FieldMap MEEGtools aal conn marsbar vbm8 wfupickatlas
Matlab v.2011a
storage: disconnected or inavailable
Warning: Contents.m overloaded by version in folder c:\spm12\toolbox\vbm8}}

Any suggestions on what is going wrong and how can I get rid of the same?? 
Thanks and regards