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May 15, 2018  07:05 AM | Moa Peter
RE: Nuisance regress via compcor
Hi Alfonso,
I am, as Frank was, interested in the denoising aspects of the CONN toolbox, preferrably using batch scripting. Your reply to Frank has been very helpful for me, but I am still struggling with defining my gm/wm/csf ROIs in a way that makes the toolbox take them as the "Grey Matter", "White Matter" and "CSF" ROIs (which would avoid redoing the segmentation). What I have tried so far is defining the segmented data using batch.Setup.rois.files and naming the files ( "Grey Matter" etc, however, this only adds them as additional ROIs and the original "Grey Matter" etc ROIs are still empty. 
I am a beginner and would really appreciate any kind of help!
Best regards

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RE: Nuisance regress via compcor
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