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May 16, 2018  07:05 AM | Nobody
Meaning of 6-fold amplitude

As Matthias suggested, I will upload several issues I am facing while using gridCAT, in order to share the problems and hopefully the solutions with other users.

This is kind of a fundamental question regarding grid cell-like representation results. In my humble opinion, in every previous research, there always were some participants who do not have positive 6-fold amplitudes. In the case, it can be explained in two ways. The participants might really have low grid cell-like representation. But, it might be simply because, we failed to correctly detect it (anyway, there must always be grid cells working.)

Then, is it meaningful to compare the amplitude including non-positive 6-fold amplitudes? Of course, yours and other previous publications compared it between groups and it sounds reasonable for me. But, I am trying to compare it not between groups, so I am not sure it is ok to compare it in case a participant doesn't have positive 6-fold symmetry amplitude or I need to exclude the subjects. 

Opinions from any of researcher would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you in advance :)

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Meaning of 6-fold amplitude
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