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Jun 10, 2018  03:06 AM | Pravesh Parekh - National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences
RE: Installation Error
Hi Stephen,

I don't think the problem is because of a change in MATLAB. I am using Conn18a, SPM12, and MATLAB 2018a and I don't run into any problems. The error seems to indicate that Conn is unable to find the mask.volume.brainmask.nii file. Can you try something like 
addpath(fullfile(fileparts(which('conn.m')), 'utils', 'surf'))

and see if it resolves the problem? Looks like a path related error, though it does seem strange that you are able to get it to run with an older version of MATLAB.

Originally posted by Stephen Bailey:
I was able to get around this by installing Matlab R2017a, with Conn18a and SPM12. Not sure if this is a bug or a change in MATLAB, but it does seem to resolve with earlier versions.

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Stephen Bailey Jun 9, 2018
Stephen Bailey Jun 9, 2018
RE: Installation Error
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