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Aug 3, 2018  02:08 PM | brainconn
RE: CompCor questions
Thanks Pravesh, that was very helpful. However I'm still not sure if the CompCor algorithm refers to all the steps you just mentioned (BP filtering, detrending, regressing out WM, CSF, movement parameters, etc), or if it just refers to regressing out WM and CSF, and all the other steps are done on top of CompCor.
Also, CONN can regress out the main effect of task, which in my case is "rest". But how is this regressor calculated? I noticed that the regressor is convolved with the hrf, but I compared the values with spm_hrf and they don't match.
Finally the realignment parameters do not show up in the "all effects" list and there is no way to select them. They appear in the Covariates (1st Level) in the Setup tab though.
Thanks for your help.

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RE: CompCor questions
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