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Aug 8, 2018  07:08 PM | Michael Parrish
basic question about gPPI conditions
Hi Alfonso and conn experts,

I am trying to do a gPPI analysis on a task with the following components:
1) instruction period
2) task condition A
3) task condition B
4) task condition C
5) affect rating periods following A, B, and C

I am wondering which of these to include as conditions of interest in my gPPI setup. Do I only include the periods/conditions that I am planning to analyze/compare?

I am mainly focusing on the difference in task condition A and B. Should I only include those two conditions?

If I don't include those other periods, do they get modeled as a sort of implicit baseline period? Do they get incorporated into the analyses as a singular baseline comparison condition?

Sorry, this is a basic question, but I'm just a little confused at the moment...

Thanks for any help in advance!

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basic question about gPPI conditions
Michael Parrish Aug 8, 2018
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