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Sep 5, 2018  11:09 PM | Reddy Rani - International Institute of Information Technology
Edge files of BrainNet Viewer (Example Files)
  • I have started exploring with Example files provided with BrainNet Viewer (BNV) tool. I can understand that edges were extracting either by a) region based, b) voxel-based. AAL edges are region based and the Pearson correlation coefficient (PCC) is used for edge extraction. The diagonal of the edge list (Matrix) is expected to be 1 in PCC, but the files provided with BNV are 0 (zero) diagonal values. Can I get help in understanding the same?
  • Is DOS edge list is from a voxel-based network edges extraction technique? can I get a bit of elaborate workflow of edge extraction in DOS? With this edge list also I observed 0 (zero) values in diagonal. Is it a case, for the sake of measuring topological parameters of the network, the diagonal of the edge matrix is replaced with zero.
  •  I noticed the range of edge values differing, AAL and DOS are fro -1 to 1, but for HOA weighted matrix, the edges are ranging from 0 to 1. Why is this?

I am relatively new to the domain, please help me to understand. Any help and suggestions are highly appreciated. 
Thanks In advance.

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Edge files of BrainNet Viewer (Example Files)
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