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Oct 19, 2018  01:10 AM | Jan Losak
help making sense of results
I am having trouble interpreting and making sense of my results and would appreciate any help. The design should be 1x3 rmANOVA, 22 subjects, 3 measurements each. The design and the results are posted below as printscreen images
the intervention is rTMS and we are trying to prove if rTMS has any effect on connectivity. If I set the contrasts as session1 > session2 or any permutation of the 3 sessions, nothing comes out. But if I set the contrast as main effect of rest, or main effect of session1, session2, or session3, then the results posted in image3 come out. The results look really interesting, but I cannot make the sense out of what it means? I would really appreciate any help, because I spent several weeks trying to make sense of it and could not. I even extracted the 3 matrices from conn and visualized them using imagesc in MATLAB and it confused me even more, because even the 3 matrices from sess1 to sess3 show this nice pattern of connectivity, but they should not.
thanks for any help,