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Nov 5, 2018  05:11 PM | jiwen li
RE: denoising
Dear expert:
        i have meet the same errors in the step of denosing(1st-level). the interface shows my conn is version of 18.a,and spm is 8. there are my errors which i have met: ERROR DESCRIPTION:

Undefined function 'eq' for input arguments of type 'struct'.
Error in conn_menumanager>@(x)any(x==varargin{1}) (line 327)
Error in conn_menumanager (line 327)
Error in conn_menu (line 535)
Error in conn (line 4872)
Error in conn (line 4451)
if ~conn_projectmanager('ispending')&&~ispending, conn gui_preproc;
Error in conn_menumanager (line 120)
CONN v.17.a
SPM8 + Beamforming DEM FieldMap MEEGtools vbm8
Matlab v.2014a
storage: 17.7Gb available
spm @ E:\Toolbox\Toolbox\spm8\spm8
conn @ E:\Toolbox\conn

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RE: denoising
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