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Nov 8, 2018  05:11 PM | jiwen li
Error analysis(1st-level)
dear expert:
       i have meet error in analysis(1st-level), and the error show that:
Error using set
Color value contains NaN, or element out of range 0.0 <= value <= 1.0

Error in conn_timedwaitbar (line 60)
set(findobj(b,'tag','patch'),'facecolor',(1-a)*[.2 .2 .8]+a*[.8 .8 .2]); %(1-a)*[5/6,2/6,1.5/6]+a*[1.5/6,5/6,2/6]);
Error in conn_process>conn_waitbar (line 4884)
else h=conn_timedwaitbar(varargin{:}); end
Error in conn_process (line 3790)
conn_waitbar(n/N,h,sprintf('Subject %d Condition %d',nsub,ncondition));
Error in conn_process (line 42)
case 'analyses_gui_seedandroi',disp(['CONN: RUNNING ANALYSIS STEP (ROI-to-ROI or seed-to-voxel analyses)']); conn_process([10,11,15],varargin{:});
Error in conn (line 6559)
else conn_process('analyses_gui_seedandroi',CONN_x.Analysis); ispending=false;
Error in conn_menumanager (line 120)
CONN v.18.a
SPM8 + Beamforming DEM FieldMap MEEGtools vbm8
Matlab v.2014a
storage: 190.6Gb available
spm @ E:\Toolbox\Toolbox\spm8\spm8
conn @ E:\Toolbox\conn
    i don't know how to resolve it. i will be grateful if you can give me instructions. i am looking forward to receiving your replay. thank you very much.
 best wishes