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Dec 6, 2018  03:12 AM | Pravesh Parekh - National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences
RE: Correlation
Hi Hanna,

In your second level results (for ROI-to-ROI connectivity), you can define appropriate contrasts and then look at the results. In the results window, you have an option of selecting the ROIs that you are interested in. Alternatively, in the first level window, you can sub-select ROIs as seeds and targets. Either way, the resulting "beta" between the two ROIs would be the Fisher transformed Z value which you can convert to an r value if you want to (Fisher transform is the inverse hyperbolic tangent so you can use tanh to get back the r values).

Most likely you are trying to open the .mat file (ROI_*.mat file from the first level results folder) in MRICroN directly. That won't work because it is not a NIfTI image that you are opening.

Hope that helps


Originally posted by hannasofia:
To whom it may concern, 

I have two questions;

First, how do I find/calculate an "R-value"/correlation value between ROIs? And how do I choose each ROIs to have that specific r-values?

Second, I wich to open thees correlation values in mricron, but get this message "Errorin Reading NIFTI header.0". is there a problem with my results?

Thank you in advance, 

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RE: Correlation
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