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Dec 11, 2018  05:12 AM | Roger Newman-Norlund
RE: Issues on startup
Originally posted by Joe Tharayil:
Hi all,

The 'NiiStatGUI' command gives me a blank window and a looping series of error messages relating to matlab.ui.control, as seen in the attached images.

I'm using the latest version of niistat with MATLAB 2018b and spm12. Any advice is appreciated.

Hi Joe,

At the Matlab prompt  type:

open endsWith.m

This will open the file where the error is occurring. All you have to do is edit line 30 by replacing:

s = cellfun(@flipr, s); 


s = cellfun(@fliplr, s,'UniformOutput',false);

Let me know if you have any further issues



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RE: Issues on startup
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