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Dec 18, 2018  03:12 AM | Jonatan Ottino - University of Barcelona
loading freesurfer results
Hello everyone,

I'm struggling to make a figure with freesurfer's cortical thickness results, but I'm not able to do it properly.

Every time I open Surf Ice and load the mc-z... .annot file (significant results after MC correction), the whole surface turns black (please see attached).

Is there any script or something to do this? 

I already tried to change the parameters manually from the Surf Ice interface, but I failed. I also would like to change the results map color, because the original one (cyan) is hard to discern from the pial's surface background in gray.

Thanks in advance! great tool!

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loading freesurfer results
Jonatan Ottino Dec 18, 2018
Chris Rorden Dec 18, 2018