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Dec 18, 2018  04:12 AM | Chris Rorden
RE: loading freesurfer results
When you open a map with the ".curv' extension, Surfice assumes you are loading a FreeSurfer Curvature file. That is why it has selected one of the FreeSurfer survature color schemes (which is attempting to darken creases). You can fix this by clicking on the overlay "color" drop down menu and choosing a different color scheme (for example "Red-Yellow"). You might want to check how this file got created - Surfice expects filenames to include the term ".thickness." if they use FreeSurfaces curvature format but represent cortical thickness rather than cortical curvature. Finally, you may want to update to a recent release.

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Jonatan Ottino Dec 18, 2018
RE: loading freesurfer results
Chris Rorden Dec 18, 2018