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Jan 3, 2019  02:01 AM | Nicolas Echeverria
How to erase sessions
Hello conn experts,

My issue is that i want to erase sessions of every patient, though I do not want to erase some specific sessions. 

This is, I have plenty of session, as the experiment i was trying to solve required them, but i need the results of comparison of some sessions as soon as posible, but i need to enter the data of the first level covariates of all the sassions.

The conditions I defined are not related to those session i want to erase.

In short, there are only some sessions I want to keep, but i can not erase the rest, without erasing those.

Is there any way I can erase only some speciffic sessions?

Thank you very much. This might sound trickier than it is in fact. 


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How to erase sessions
Nicolas Echeverria Jan 3, 2019
Alfonso Nieto-Castanon Jan 10, 2019