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Jan 10, 2019  09:01 AM | Wilson Ho
RE: Missing parallelization option?
Hello Alfonso,

Thank you for the quick response. Indeed checking the Default profile has restored the option.
I am using CONN standalone 18b, and I recall the original HPC settings were saved for all users, not only for current. For 18b, I was having permissions issues saving for all users, but this could probably be resolved with sudo. Feel free to let me know if you would like any more info.


Originally posted by Alfonso Nieto-Castanon:

Could you please double-check if the PBS/Torque option is marked as the default parallelization profile (i.e. if the 'Default profile' checkbox is checked for this profile in the HCP configuration menu)? 

also, if this option is not checked and simply checking it solves this issue, could you please still let me know just for debugging purposes if you recall how you originally saved your HCP configuration settings (saved for all users or only current user?, using standalone or Matlab version? that will help me debug this so other users do not run into the same problem)

Originally posted by Wilson Ho:
Hello Alfonso and CONN experts,

I recently switched from the 17.f standalone to the 18.b standalone and I've noticed some great improvements, especially in the interface speed, so thank you for all the work you have put into this!

I have a question with the HPC setup with 18.b. Back in 17.f I had a setup (with PBS/Torque) that worked both in the configuration tests, and for processing steps. In 18.b I noticed that while the PBS/Torque option still shows in the configuration menu (Tools>HPC Options>Configuration) and can be tested successfully, it no longer appears as an option in the dropdown for processing steps (see screenshot). Since no one else has mentioned this I presume it is a glitch with my specific installation. Do you know if there is a way to restore this option? Parallelization has been a life-saver for the dozens of subjects I've had to process, and it would be great to have it back.


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RE: Missing parallelization option?
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