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Jan 10, 2019  09:01 AM | Alfonso Nieto-Castanon - Boston University
RE: How to erase sessions
Hi Nicolas,

This is not part of the GUI but there is a small function (conn_removesession) that allows you to manually remove specific sessions from specific subjects. The syntax is:

  conn_removesession( sessions, subjects )

For example, if you want to remove session 2 and 3 from subjects 1, 2, and 3, you would use the syntax:

  conn_removesession([2 3], [1 2 3])

If the changes looks ok in the gui to you simply save the project to keep these changes. Also note that this function will update the list of functional files, structural files, session-specific ROI files, condition onset information, and first-level covariate files, to remove from there the excluded sessions, but you will still need to propagate those changes (i.e. re-run the Setup/Denoising/FirstlevelAnalysis steps) if those steps have already been run.

Hope this helps
Originally posted by Nicolas Echeverria:
Hello conn experts,

My issue is that i want to erase sessions of every patient, though I do not want to erase some specific sessions. 

This is, I have plenty of session, as the experiment i was trying to solve required them, but i need the results of comparison of some sessions as soon as posible, but i need to enter the data of the first level covariates of all the sassions.

The conditions I defined are not related to those session i want to erase.

In short, there are only some sessions I want to keep, but i can not erase the rest, without erasing those.

Is there any way I can erase only some speciffic sessions?

Thank you very much. This might sound trickier than it is in fact. 


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RE: How to erase sessions
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