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Feb 4, 2019  07:02 AM | Georgette Argiris - Columbia University
Select a subset of nodes to be plotted
Hello, I'm using Power's taxonomy (264 nodes) to plot connectivity values but I do not have connectivity present between all of the nodes. I would like to only plot those nodes that have a connection between and am unsure how to approach the problem. I thought that I can either:
1.) Keep the .node file of 264 nodes the same and just set the color to transparent if possible (which I don't know how to do) or...
2.) Modify the .node file to contain only those nodes for which there is a connection and consequently modify the .edge file to a restricted adjacency matrix where only nodes with connection are kept (e.g., 206x206 instead of 264x264). I tried the second option but I get an error saying that index in position 1 is outside of bounds. 
Can someone provide me with any suggestions? Thank you!


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Select a subset of nodes to be plotted
Georgette Argiris Feb 4, 2019
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