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Feb 6, 2019  04:02 AM | Chris Rorden
RE: Shader compile error
Please check that you are using one of the current versions:
 v1.0.20181111 requires OpenGL2.1
 v1.2.20181114 requires OpenGL3.3

If you launch the program from the command line you can get some diagnostics. This will help with trouble shooting

Usually the command line function glxinfo is tells you what you need to know. It will tell you the OpenGL version you are using and whether OpenGL is emulated via software (Mesa) or is using hardware acceleration (Intel, NVidia, AMD). You may need to set up or update your graphics drivers. For real time rendering you will want hardware acceleration. I do run MRIcroGL on my CentOS 6.7 box an NVidia GPU. Even modern Intel GPUs should be sufficient if you have your driver set up correctly.

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RE: Shader compile error
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