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Feb 7, 2019  02:02 PM | Peii Chen
to change from NPM to NiiStat
I have not used the MRIcron and NPM for at least three years. Recently I picked it up again to look at some old lesion data and found that NPM had retired and been replaced by NiiStat.  
For an hour or so, I have tried to download NiiStat. But the site was dysfunctional (see the screenshot) and I could not download it.  Please help. 
I also have another question. All my old lesion data are in voi.  How can I convert it into .mat for NiiStat to read and process?

Peii (Peggy) Chen
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to change from NPM to NiiStat
Peii Chen Feb 7, 2019
Chris Rorden Feb 8, 2019