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Feb 11, 2019  09:02 PM | ke deng
2X2 interaction analysis
Dear Professor, Hello.

I currently have raw fMRI data for 600 MDD and 600 HC from 7 different sites. These subjects range in age from 18 to 60 years old. MDD and HC were divided into 2 groups (18-40, 41-60) according to age in each site, and then 2X2 interaction analysis was performed. So I got 7 uncorrected inreraction_F.nii files. Can these 7 uncorrected inreraction_F.nii files be used for mean analysis in AES-SDM software?

If so, how would I edit the table (or weight the sample size for each study)

For example, study1:
HC(18-40) 116
HC(41-60) 95
MDD(18-40) 140
MDD (41-60) 108

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2X2 interaction analysis
ke deng Feb 11, 2019
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