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Mar 12, 2019  07:03 PM | Dilip Kumar
Interpreting second-level results

I'm doing rsfMRI connectivity analysis for the first time in CONN. I want to split the data in my CONN pipeline into two groups. To do so, under setup tab, I entered 2nd level covariates as [1111100000] for groupA and [0000011111] for groupB. Now in order to study the group level connectivity differences under results 2nd-level tab ROI-to-ROI analysis, I select groupA and groupB instead of ALL subjects and choose between-subject contrast as groupA > groupB and vice versa. When I try to use graph theory for these two contrasts, I get nothing. However when I use the results explorer, I'm able to see some connectivity patterns in connectome ring (red as positive and blue as anti-correlations). Perhaps I'm doing something wrong when using graph theory pertaining to which it does not show the patterns I see in results explorer. Please correct me if I'm doing anything wrong here.

For the interpretation and reporting, all I need to do is to filter the results into networks or ROIs of interest and export the table. Just want to clarify what does the 'Enable permutations test' do? I can see additional values pop-up in p-FWE corrected column of results table hence I'm assuming these are the result of permutations tests (screenshot attached). I'm not sure how to interpret them. Can someone please shed some light on this?

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