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Mar 29, 2019  02:03 PM | Arianna Gard - University of Michigan
saving residuals from level 1 PPI models
Hi all, 

Has anyone modified the PPPIv13 package to save the residuals of each individual's level 1 model? I'm looking to save the model residuals similar to how you can save the residuals in the "Estimate" step in SPM. The output would include a residual.nii file for each TR in the model (e.g., "Res_0001.nii"). The script in the PPPIv13 package where I thought this might occur would be in the "spm_estimate_PPI.m" script. Lines 262-266 seem to delete residual files, but I'm not if that means the residual.nii files are created as part of the script?

Any help would be much appreciated

Thank you!