help > Surface analysis - error in data preprocessing
May 17, 2019  03:05 PM | Lena Trebaul
Surface analysis - error in data preprocessing

For a few subjects of my analysis, I got this error after the Setup:

ERROR: Subject 1 Session 1 first-level covariate realignment mismatched dimensions (248 rows, while functional data has 2 scans; the number of rows of a first-level covariate should equal the number of scans for this subject/session)

By looking at the data, it seems there was an error during the preprocessing (no errors displayed, just the files look weird), at the slice-timing correction step (I am running a surface analysis with the standard preprocessing pipeline in subject-space). By the way, I separately ran a volume analysis on the same subjects and had no issue like this one.

Would someone have an idea on how to debug this?

Thanks in advance,